It was a good day

I came home from downtown today a little depressed.  I was frustrated with my constant mistakes in camera exposure.  It's hard to keep up when walking from bright sunlight to dark shadow back to bright sunlight.  I was kind of beating myself up about it when I realized that I had an awesome day.  I met so many great people and had so many great conversations.  I feel blessed that people are friendly and open and willing to talk. 

I met Margot who was on her way to try out for Hansel in the Hansel and Gretel opera - 

I met Hosna, who was born in Morocco and grew up here in Atlanta - 

I met Sean, who is a film and photography student but isn't sure school is his "thing"- 

I met Ariel E'lom who said his last name means "God loves me" - 

On top of meeting all of these interesting people (and more), can you spot what is strange in this picture - 

It's a New York City taxi in Atlanta.  They were filming a movie downtown.  

So, it was a good day.  And there's always tomorrow to get the camera settings right.