I live outside of my comfort zone.  People think I am an extrovert because I take pictures of strangers.  I'm not.  I'm driven by my love of that candid image.  In order to get it, I have to push through "uncomfortable".    

But there are varying levels of "uncomfortable".  Some photos are fairly easy to take.  People walking by.  People not noticing that I'm standing there with a camera.  

Then, some photos step up the "uncomfortable" level.  I'm close enough that they might notice me.  

And then there are the photos that are in the middle of "uncomfortable".   I am close enough and in front enough that there is no way they won't see me.  And I never know how they will respond.  


Then I hear - "Hey, did you just take a picture of me?"  And I don't know where this conversation is going...

But I'm trying to teach myself to stay beyond "uncomfortable".  Because beyond "uncomfortable" is where the photos get good.

When I get close enough to force an interaction, I have the best experiences.  People are flattered.  I learn a little about their life.  And to be honest, I have never had anyone get mad at me.  Ever.  They might ask me to stop (very rarely) or ask me to delete the photo (only once that I can remember), but they always say it nicely. So, why not stand in "uncomfortable"?  Because the odds are it will turn out better than I expect.