I listen to a lot of podcasts while I sew, and today I was listening to Tony Robbins talk about emotions.  He says your emotions flow out of your focus and your story.  

What are you focusing on?

What story are you telling yourself about that focus?

I could focus on all the things I didn't accomplish today, and tell myself - "I'm getting behind in the sewing and this means I'm going to fail at my business and I knew I would fail because I never get very far in a project before I quit."  

Or I could focus on all of the things I did accomplish today, and tell myself - "I'm making progress little by little and I just have to keep working at it.  That's how all work gets done.  And I took time to talk to friends and hang out with my kids outside and feel the sunshine and that was LIFE."

So, what are you focusing on today?  And what is the story you are telling yourself?