Positive thoughts

I have learned this week that your body can't tell the difference between something that is actually happening and something that you are vividly imagining.  You will react to both.  Therefore, my thoughts matter.

So, I am committing to 7 days of positive thoughts.  If a negative thought comes into my head, I will not hold onto it.  I will think something positive.  

Even while writing that, I feel a twinge of inauthenticity.  I have always viewed myself as a "realistic" person, which actually leads to a lot of negative thoughts.  I used to think I couldn't change this, because it was my identity.  But John Piper said that when people say they can't change, he asks - "So, how's that working out for you?"  That statement rings in my head.

I've been doing this "positive thinking" since yesterday at noon.  It gets kind of funny when my child splits open a big bag of pretzel chips and they spill all over the floor.  My immediate reaction is - "Ahhh" - but then my brain reminds me of positive thoughts, and I have to come up with something positive.  "She tried."  The "positive thought" always makes me laugh.  It proves to me that my emotional state is a reflection of my thoughts and is not dependent on outside circumstances.  

My husband is really excited about this "project".  I'll let you know how it works out for me...