The Uniform

The busier I get, the more I understand "The Uniform".  Some of the most creative and productive people have worn uniforms - Steve Jobs, Michael Kors, Johnny Cash, Mark Zuckerburg - and it appears black or gray is the color of choice.  Fast Company says - "Wear the same clothes everyday.  Making a lot of small decisions all day wears out your brain for the big stuff."

As I said yesterday, I think we wear a uniform even if we don't plan on it.   I know I want to wear soft shirts.  I usually wear dark straight-legged jeans.  And I default to gray.  So, this morning, I thought about how I could elevate my wardrobe to the nicest items I would actually wear every day.  It appears I need to buy some gray jeans, a few blazers, and some black slip on sneakers.

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