Update on positive thoughts

It has been an interesting week trying to have positive thoughts.  My default is still the negative thought, but my brain immediately notices it and tries to switch it out with something positive.  

The most interesting effect of this project is that I am more preoccupied with the "big picture".  Because I am not emotionally drained by all of the little issues every day, I have more energy to focus on larger issues.

On a side note (but related to positive thoughts), I listened to a podcast today in which Tim Ferris interviewed Ed Cooke, who carries the title "Grand Master of Memory" and who is also a hilariously brilliant philosopher.  He has written a paper on the connection between touch and smell, and he has interesting ideas about how our brain perceives the world.  

In the midst of his discussion, Ed mentioned that blind people love rain, because it helps them hear the world in 3-dimensions.  That made me stop sewing... and cry.  I hate rain.  I get depressed every time it rains.  But what was once perceived as a curse to me was a beautiful revelation to someone else.  

My perception of rain is forever changed.  This adds to my growing conviction that my emotions are caused not by what happens but by the story I tell myself about what happens.  I will now see rain as painting a picture of the world in sound.  What a positive thought.