Why the Deadline is Still Good

When I first started to write a book, it was about finding your calling.  But then I found that people have vastly different views on "calling".  Some people feel they have a calling.  Some people feel they might have a calling but haven't found it yet.  Some people don't believe in having a calling.

This morning I read something interesting in Scott Dinsmore's blog post -

"In a 2009 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Tait D. Shanafelt, MD researched whether viewing your life as a 'calling' could prevent burnout.  He made the case that for some people, their work is just a 'job'.  It's a way to pay the bills - period.  For others, it's a 'career', a way to advance professionally, gain accolades and accomplishments, feel good about yourself, and move up the ladder of success.  But sometimes your work becomes a 'calling', filled with meaning, purpose, and a sense of living your legend.  For most of us, our work contains elements of all three.  Some tasks in your work feel like a job.  Others feel more like a career.  But certain parts of your work touch your heart and uplift your spirit.  In Dr. Shanafelt's study, he found that if you view your work as a calling at least 40% of the time, it prevents burnout."

Interesting.  That doesn't answer the question of how you find your calling or if everyone has one.  But it does say that your belief about your work affects your well-being.

Yesterday, after posting about leaving the results to God, I went on to fail at everything I tried to do.

Tried to transfer my website to a new host - FAIL.

Tried to make 2 new shirts - FAIL.

Tried to write an intro to my book - FAIL.

The emotional effects of not succeeding at anything was real.  And then someone said to me - "I think you've taken on too much.  Why don't you drop one of your projects?"  My immediate thought was - "I don't want to drop any of these projects, because I feel called."  So, I went to bed and then got up this morning to try again.

Scott Dinsmore's blog post goes on to say - "Crazy ideas are the signposts pointing toward your passion."  So, I'm moving forward with all of my crazy ideas...including investigating "calling".  I'm curious - Do you feel you have a "calling"?