Building a Bridge

I just had a conversation with a friend about the dangers of Facebook.  We talked about how often we surf around on Facebook, and when we finally peel ourselves away, we feel worse than when we started.  And it made me think, "I hope nobody feels that way about my blog."  I don't ever want to present any sort of "perfect" picture that makes you feel worse about yourself.  In fact, my passion is to help you find your passion/your theme/your gifts and to use them.

My husband asked me a few months ago, "What are you trying to accomplish with this business?  Are you trying to make a lot of money?  Sell millions of items?  Open your own store?"  And I responded, "I'm trying to build a bridge.  I want to build a bridge that other people can walk across to accomplish their purpose in life."   (That's a little glimpse into what my book will be about.)