How to Quickly Streamline Your Closet


You know how you wear the same 5 things over and over?  Maybe it's a little more or less depending on how often you do laundry.  But few of us venture outside of our comfort zone on a daily basis.  And that's OK.  Let's admit it and move on.

I'm going to tell you how to make your life a lot easier:

Get rid of all the distractions hanging in your closet.

I have this black button-up shirt that has been hanging in my closet for 7 years.  For some reason, I think that if I wear this black shirt with a cool black blazer, dark denim jeans, high heeled black boots, and some silver hoop earrings that I will look like a French magazine editor.  So, everyday I stand there staring at my closet thinking about wearing the black shirt.  Then, I look at the clock and grab the softest thing I can find.

I have come to the realization that I only wear soft shirts.  I might wear the black blazer and dark denim jeans with high heeled black boots, but I am going to put on a soft t-shirt first.

My friend (let's call her "The Minimalist") gave me some great advice about cleaning out spaces.  She said to take everything out of the space and only put back what you LOVE.  I took her advice with my closet, and I started getting dressed 10 times faster.  But I obviously didn't do a stellar job, because the black shirt is still hanging in my closet.  So, I'm ready to be more ruthless.  I would love for you to join me this weekend.

Here's what you do -

1) Get a couple of boxes

2) Take EVERYTHING out of your closet.  (Count the items and write down that number.)

3) Put back only what you LOVE and wear OFTEN.  (We're not throwing away the rest of the clothes, so be ruthless.  The more ruthless you are in this stage, the easier your life will be.)

4) Box up everything that is still laying on your bed.  (Take this box to the basement.  It will be all ready to give away next year when you realize you haven't needed any of these things.)

5) Count the items in your closet and report back to us!

I promise it will be easier to get dressed in the morning.  No more living in dillusions.  Next week, we'll talk about what to do if you are left with very little hanging in your closet.