I'm going to miss my deadline

I get nothing done without deadlines.  People are coming over, so I clean my house.  My kids will be starving in an hour, so I cook dinner.  I have a meeting, so I get dressed.  I actually don't know if I would ever leave my house if my kids didn't need to be dropped off at school.  

But sometimes I miss deadlines..and sometimes I'm just late.  (I'm writing fast, because I was supposed to leave 4 minutes ago to pick up my kids from school.)  A couple of months ago I set a deadline to self-publish a book by April 29.  I know.  A little crazy, but it was going to be a simple book.  Well, since then, the book concept has grown in my head.  The whole topic of life calling, meaning, and how women navigate these issues in today's culture is fascinating to me.  

So, I'm setting a new deadline of August 31.  Once again, a little crazy, but I will never leave my house to do anything about it without the deadline.  Let's hit the pavement.  What's your deadline?