Is fear blocking you from being creative?

"Your fear is keeping you from the circumstance where you have to be creative." - Robert Greene author of Mastery

A lot of people have a fairly comfortable life, but they have an itch to do something creative.  They don't necessarily have the force of necessity behind them, so they don't know if they want to commit to a creative endeavor.  We tend to think of creative endeavors as frivolous and unnecessary.  But I'm starting to think they are very necessary.  

Brene Brown says that if you stifle creativity, it becomes very painful.  I think that is because ALL of life requires creativity, and the more you use your creative muscles, the more you grow and the more you contribute.  Most of us want to grow as people and want to contribute to the world and the people around us.  What keeps us from entering into circumstances that help us grow?


Fear of what people will think if we say we really want to do THIS

Fear of the pain of hard work

Fear of being locked in to some commitment that I later decide I don't want to finish

Here's the solution - 

Start small - Pick something with a limited time frame.  You can do anything for 30 days.

Commit - You have to commit in order to get over the hump of hard work.  There is a "flow" that you will hit on the backside of that hump that will make you come back next time.  But you have to lock yourself into the project in order to experience the "flow".  

Find a coach - If you are starting a new project (or even doing something like trying to exercise more), don't partner with someone in the same boat as you.  If neither of you have developed the habits to succeed and neither of you have hit the "flow", it will be too easy for you to quit together.  Think of someone who has just done what you want to do and tell them that you are going to try it.  Ask them if they will check in on you periodically or if you can send them a weekly results report.  I promise that person will be excited to help someone through what they just accomplished.

I write every day and I sew every day.  It is almost always hard to START (and often I have to bribe myself), but once I START, I can't stop.  Where is fear preventing you from being creative?