Quotes on Challenge, Growth, and Mastery

"Through my research I've come to know that many of the greatest figures in history were mediocre students; they often come from poverty or broken homes...Their powers did not appear in their early years, but were instead fruits of intense labor and consistent routine." - Robert Greene author of Mastery

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"After something has been done once, it becomes considerably easier to repeat...Once we can see ourselves doing the impossible, our chances of pulling it off increase significantly." - The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler

"By establishing routines that build up endurance and confidence, you'll find you can overcome what you thought were your limits." - Robert Greene author of Mastery

"If you want to trigger flow, the challenge should be 4% greater than the skills...It's 4% plus 4% plus 4%, day after day, week after week, months into years into careers.  This is the road to real magic.  Follow this path long enough, and not only does impossible become possible, it becomes what's next - like eating breakfast..." - The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler