What are your shoes saying?

Your shoes are the strongest voice in your outfit.  They communicate your true attitude about getting dressed.  

Think about the 80's business woman who is wearing a suit with tennis shoes.  Her outfit is saying - "Someone made me wear this suit, but I would rather be wearing sweatpants."  

Or the female butcher I saw at Whole Foods today who paired polka-dotted clogs with her white chef's coat.  Her outfit was saying - "I have to stand up all day and cut meat, but I can have a little fun with it."

Or the teenager I saw in the parking lot who was wearing a tank top, jeans shorts, and the tiniest sliver of a sandal.  Her outfit was saying - "I'd rather be at the beach with no shoes."  

Just because your shoes are talking, it doesn't mean you have to wear fancy heels all the time.  (I rarely wear heels anymore, as my daughter noticed the other day.  "Why don't you ever wear heels like so-and-so?" she asked.  "Because I'm 10 years older than her and my foot pad is degenerating.")   Viva la flats!

 Here are some great options.  What do you think these shoes are saying?