5 things that make my life easier


I love things that give me a big impact for a small amount of work.  I've noticed that there are several activities and products that make my life easier and better at the same time - 

1) iPad - I still don't have an iPhone, but I love my iPad.  (I may never get an iPhone, but I will be the first to buy a "driverless" car.)  I carry my iPad around with my everywhere and sneak in a little reading whenever I have "waiting" time.  I have read at least one book each week for the last few months and hope to gather all of my thoughts regarding FLOW for some inspiration while we experience our 30 days of something.

2) Sitting with my kids - I try to sit with my kids for a little while every day - whether they are watching "Girl Meets World" (which is my favorite Disney channel show) or reading or drawing.  They notice it when you enter their world.  It makes them feel more connected to me...and it's so easy.

3) Plants that are growing out of the dirt  - Summer cooking (or non-cooking) is so much easier than winter cooking, because there are so many plants around to eat.  We discovered sunflower seed sprouts at the Farmers Market last weekend.  

Snack away, kids!

Snack away, kids!

4) Picking ONE thing - I pick the ONE thing that is most important for each day and do it first thing in the morning.  It may be the only thing I get done that day.  That is OK, because it is the most important thing.

5) MMH shirts - A little shameless promotion for the inventory left in my SHOP, because these tops really were developed to make our lives easier.  I have been wearing this top non-stop recently and have a couple left in my inventory - 

Also this one has been great for watching soccer games.  It's casual but a step up from a regular t-shirt - 

I wish I had one of these in my size, because the fabric is so light and breezy.  My last one is a size Large and is waiting to make you chic and cool -    

There is a Small and Medium left of this Butterfly Top, which is fun and easy to wear - 

Those are the things that make my life easier.  What makes your life easier?