What if I'm trudging through my day just to get to something I enjoy?


When my children we very little, I couldn't wait for 7:30 to roll around, so I could put them to bed and turn on the TV and escape for the next few hours.  I found myself going to bed later and later in a effort to postpone the inevitable morning.  "If I just make the night last longer, then maybe morning won't come... "  Then, I was exhausted the next day.

I finally realized I couldn't live like that and asked myself - "What would make me WANT to get up in the morning?  What could I be excited about?"  

I realized I was trying to get LIFE from watching TV.  I was striving for the shallow version of what I really wanted.  So, what was I looking for?  

1) A connection to fashion - I noticed I was only watching shows with characters who wore awesome outfits.

2) A connection to people in general - I only watched reality shows.  Not a great substitute for real live people.

3)  A desire to learn new ideas outside of my little "world" - Once again, I think this is why I am attracted to reality shows.

4) Time by myself with my own thoughts - I think I was using TV to create my own little space in the world.

So, I restructured my day in order to find what I was seeking in a REAL way.  I started taking sewing classes at night.  Being in sewing class was like being in another world.  I learned so much so quickly and was thrilled to be talking to other women about something creative.  When the kids started going to school full time, I started a business designing and making clothes.  It is a lot more work than watching reality shows, but I am so much happier.  Now I am excited to get up every morning.  Sometimes I go to bed at 9:00 just so the morning will come sooner.  

Examine the things in your life that make you happiest - the parts of your day that you look forward to the most.  Are they the "real thing"?  Or they the shallow version of what you really want?  Just to be fair, nobody gets the full version of what they want in a consistent way all the time.  And we may never get the full version of what we really want in this life.  But it's always best to make sure we are headed in the right direction.