What is your STRENGTH (and how does it affect the way you dress)?


Whether you realize it or not, the strengths of your personality are affecting the way you get dressed every morning.  Read below to see if you can find yourself - 




You are an ACTIVATOR.  You don't want to sit around planning and discussing.  You want to start.  "Let's go!"  You are great at creating to action points.  You accomplish A LOT each day.  People look to you to GET THINGS DONE.  (I put you first in this list, because you don't have time to read anymore of this post.)

Your clothes are very practical.  You don't want to spend any time thinking about them.  You go for comfort over style and wear the same items over and over.  

A little bit of planning could benefit your wardrobe.  A "uniform" is great if it is presenting the message you want to convey.  Make sure your closet is streamlined down to the RIGHT items - not just what will suffice.  Enlist the help of a fashionable friend or stylist to shop for you if the thought of shopping makes you hyperventilate. 

Our Abstract Herringbone Top is perfect for you.  You can wear it every week all year to work or to casual events.  



You are an ADAPTOR.  You take each day as it comes.  You have general life goals in the back of your mind, but you are not in a hurry to accomplish them.  You are always up for an impromptu get-together.  You are fun to be around, because you can go with the flow.  You don't mind being behind the scenes and enjoy playing supporting roles.

You tend to dress like your friends.  You don't follow fashion, but will try a new style if it comes along and seems easy.  When you shop, you pick up whatever catches your eye, and you probably don't try it on until you get home.  Occasionally, you discover clothes that you meant to return.

 Don't be afraid to develop your own style.  Take a little time to think about what YOU really like.  (This Style Assessment may be helpful.)

The Soho Top is perfect for you.  You will look unique and slightly ahead of the curve while maintaining your fun style.



You are an ORGANIZER.  You can see through the clutter to a clear path.  You see patterns and can make decisions.  People look to you for your opinion - because you always have one.

You have fun streamlining and organizing your closet.  You are very analytical about what you buy and only buy what is essential and part of the "plan".  Don't let these traits squash the fun of shopping and getting dressed.  Let yourself go a little crazy every once in a while and buy something just because you like it.

You will like the Dot Top.  The black and white color scheme makes it easy to pair with anything, and it easily elevates any casual outfit to something more interesting.



You are a DEVELOPER.  You see the potential in every person.  "Each individual is a work in progress, alive with possibilities...When you interact with others, your goal is to help them experience success."**  You are very encouraging and people feel motivated to develop their own gifts after being with you.

You also see the potential in every item.  "I could wear these brown ankle boots with midi skirts, pencil skirts, jeans, dressy ankle length pants..."  You love to mix and match and see how many different outfits you can come up with.  You don't need a huge wardrobe, because you are so creative with how to use each item.

Because you see all of the potential, you may have trouble letting items go.  "If I just replaced the buttons on this jacket and had a tailor take out the shoulder pads, it would be awesome."  So, the jacket hangs in your closet for years.  You are great at extracting every last drop of use out of something; but when an item has done it's job, let it go.

The New York Tee would be a great update to your wardrobe.  It is so versatile and comfortable.



You are a DREAMER.  Each day is full of possibilities and magic.  You bubble over with enthusiasm and positivity.  You can see many options, and they can all be good.  You encourage your friends to step out of their comfort zones and "go for it".

With clothes, you see so many options that you have to try them all.  Bohemian, modern edge, French chic - you dabble with all looks. One day you are feeling feminine and the next day you are feeling like a rocker.  You dress to express your inner creativity.  But if you aren't careful, you will end up with a closet full of dreams.   You have the perfect formal evening gown, but nothing practical to wear to an afternoon wedding.  When you buy your next item, ask yourself - "Does this fit my actual lifestyle?"

The Abstract Circle Top is perfect for you.  It is full of dreams, yet so practical.  



You are an ATTRACTOR.  You have an entertaining and magnetic personality.  You don't mind when all of the attention is on you.  You enjoy meeting new people and you want them to like you.  You are great at events, because you like to mingle and draw people together.  

You dress to impress.  Your outfits make a statement.  People look to you for fashion advice on the latest trends.  Just make sure that your outfits don't over-shadow YOU.  And strive to use your "woo-ing" powers for the good of the world.

The Butterfly Top is perfect for you.  It makes a statement without being too loud.  And it's so super comfortable for lounging or going out.



**This list of strengths was influenced by the book "Strengths Finder" by Tom Rath (although I took liberties with definitions and created some of my own categories).  Direct quotes from the book are marked with the stars.