Can you give me your full attention?

The only antidote to distraction is attention.
— Pico Iyer, author and journalist

It took me a few days to adjust to my new summer schedule (having kids at home), but now I am really enjoying the FULLNESS of each day.  There is something about spending all day every day with the same people in large blocks of time that can either drive you to insanity or create awesome flow.  Fortunately, we are more "flowy".

I have been accused of being occasionally distracted in my relationships.  So, I am really working on attention - of making the most of each moment - of entering the world my children live in - of fully listening to someone and waiting one...two...three beats to see if there is more.  Oh, those moments are so uncomfortable to me.  I want to speed on and fill the space with talking or action.  But if I can be attentive enough to wait...something worth waiting for comes out.

Jesus was the best ever at really seeing and hearing people - often interrupted but never distracted.  He was the embodiment of my favorite description of God as "the god who sees me".  That might seem intrusive at first, but if you read the story in the Bible in which the description appears, you can feel the desperation of the person who said it.   They needed to be seen.  And don't we all want to be seen and heard?

Blocks of time.  I think that's the first step in attention.  We can't give our full attention until we stop moving from one thing to the next so quickly.  We need to dive into a block of time.  

Listening.  Hearing.  That's the second step.  Paying attention to the fullness of the moment.

We (I)  may need to rebuild our habits in order to pay attention well.  I have 5 Tips for you on building new habits.  I'll share them over the next 5 days.  One thing I have learned from my drawing habit is that growing in one area helps you grow in another.  I'm not really sure how that works, but I can sense it happening in my life.  (More discussion on that once I figure it out.)