Design your own t-shirt

Do you want to design your own t-shirt?  It's really easy and not expensive.  

Since some of my fabrics are made from photographs, I often get asked if I can custom make a shirt with someone else's personal photograph - like from a vacation.  I always try to explain the difference between what I do and what they are looking for.  When I print fabric for The Soho Shirt, it comes as a whole yard of fabric with the picture repeated over and over.  

The Soho Shirt

If you want to print your own photograph onto a t-shirt, this is probably what you want - 

You want a photograph printed in the center of the t-shirt.  I printed this t-shirt in downtown Columbia, Missouri at Acme in 2 hours for $28.  (I jazzed up my photo with triangles, but basically it is a jpeg file that I emailed to the printer.)  The only downside to it is that the photo part feels a bit plasticky.  They had to put a special treatment on it to make the colors show on a dark background.  I think it would feel softer on a white t-shirt (but then it wouldn't look as cute).   

My daughter found a black and white sketch of point shoes on the internet and topped it off with the words "Dance Forever".  Her t-shirt feels completely soft on the front. 

There are so many different websites that offer this printing service.  DesignAShirt seems to get the best reviews for printing results.  Although, I would recommend Acme, because they were very helpful and showed great attention to detail.  We both used the American Apparel Women's Track Tee in size Small.  "Happy designing" to you!