After spending yesterday in suburbia, I had to go downtown today.

There were a lot of hip people hanging around outside the Plywood Presents conference at the Tabernacle.

I've lived in Atlanta all my life and even worked downtown for a while, but I have never really loved it.  Today, I started to feel a little affinity for this city.   The cool conference I wish I had attended.  The open people that let me take their photographs.  The varied architecture.  I felt an inkling of Atlanta's energy.   

She makes hats.  But not this one.  She just added the peacock feather to this one.  But if you want to see her awesome creations, go to 

In addition to the people, the architecture was surprisingly interesting.  A lot of juxtiposition between the old and the new.  The quaint and the corporate.

"Did you get my good side?" he asked me.

Plus, there was some good wall art - 

After I took this photo, he said, "That's the best picture you're going to get all day."

Thanks, downtown.  I'll be back...