5 Ways to Add Creativity to your Daily Life

I was recently interviewed by Susan Fuller about the intersection of motherhood and creativity.  (You can read the full interview on her blog Fuller by Design.)  She asked me questions about what I did as a child and how I incorporate creativity into my life now.  It made me think about how we let go of creativity as we get older.  It's interesting to watch my children, because creativity is a part of every moment of their day.  My younger daughter has made hundreds of paper dolls this summer  - 

They each have a name, age, and character description.

They each have a name, age, and character description.

And my older daughter dances constantly - 


As adults, we have creative ideas, but we often feel like they require too much effort.  So, we focus on essential tasks and do the bare minimum.  And the bare minimum isn't very fun or interesting.  Here are 5 ways you can add creativity to your daily life - 

1) Turn on the music.  My husband has the habit of turning on music every time he washes the dishes.  He turns"cleaning the kitchen" into "family dance montage".  

2) Copy an artist.  Almost every artist starts out by copying someone else.  Find an artist you like and copy them.  I found Emma Leonard on Pinterest.  Copying her will hopefully help me to draw better.  And once I can draw better, I can develop my own style.   But I don't really want my style to be - "I can't tell what that is supposed to be".   (If you need more encouragement to copy someone, read "Steal Like an Artist".)

3) Ask more questions.  I've had the most interesting conversations by asking different people (my neighbor, a bookstore owner) - "Do you think everyone has a life calling?"  It might take a little bit of extra effort, but your day will be much more interesting if you think of a question and ask it to the next person you see. 

4) Wear a costume.  I don't mean something crazy but something you wouldn't normally wear.  Getting dressed is like getting into character.  If you wear a dress that has been languishing in the back of your closet, you will feel different.  You may start to act different.  Try it.

5) Learn something.  "It would be cool to learn how to ..."  In a previous blog post, I wrote that listening to Gungor makes me want to write music.   I know how to play the piano, but I never learned chord theory.  I recently ran across Jermaine Griggs who teaches people to play music by ear.  I've been taking his free online courses.  He's a little long-winded, but he's very entertaining.  And it's something I can fit into a few minutes here and there.   


How can you make your daily life more creative?