Trend Report

During the process of taking 2000 photos of fashion show attendees over the course of 2 days, I started to see some trends.  I don't talk a lot about trends, because I generally prefer people to look different from each other.  But it is nice to look "current" and to have fun with a new style.  The good news is that there are a lot of options.  So, pick the one that fits you.  

Here are the main trends I saw popping up in New York over and over again - 


I saw fringe in Atlanta the other day worn this way - 

Red, white, and blue

It's not every season that a certain color combination is a trend, so I was surprised to see this combo pop up over and over.  You have to be a little careful, because you could easily look like the American (or French) flag.  But when worn with interesting pieces and proportions, you will look like you are happy about Fall.  If you need more support in order to wear some red,white and blue, Marc Jacobs' Spring 2016 collection is a vote for this trend.

Ripped jeans

This trend is old enough that it has trickled down to mainstream fashion, but the new factor in this trend is that ripped jeans are now considered fashionable enough to wear as normal pants to a nice event.  This is the second time this phenomenon has surfaced during my lifetime.  I remember having an argument with my mother regarding the appropriateness of wearing ripped jeans to lunch at a restaurant.  I won.  She was embarrassed.  That was in the 80's.   

Silver shoes

Flat shoes were abundant at New York Fashion Week, and coming in number 2 (sneakers were number 1), silver was the shoe of choice.  They are like jewelry for your feet.

And this trend has found its way to mainstream New York as well - 

Colored Frames

A little pop of color on your face is always nice - 

More trends

The trends keep coming - 

Which trend are you most likely to try?