I grew up obsessed with magazines. I started out reading whatever my mom would buy - "Woman's Day", "Southern Living", "Better Homes and Gardens". Not really my cup of tea, but I took what I could get. In middle school, someone gave me a subscription to "Seventeen". I remember carrying the same magazine around and reading it over and over. I especially remember one December issue that seemed absolutely magical with all of the holiday party outfits. At some point, I graduated to "Harper's Bazaar". I bought one issue every so often and would spend hours every night trying to re-create the high fashion outfits that I saw contained in those pages.

I never thought about how these magazines were created. They were so far outside of my world that I had no knowledge of creative directors, photographers, or editors.

Well, now I know, because I just published my own magazine. "THE STREETS - 2016 Collection" is 196 pages of connections with people through photographs, interviews and stories. I wanted to make it something you will want to read over and over - just like I have always done with my favorite magazines. I wanted it to be something that shows you something new every time you open it. And I wanted it to be something that connects you to interesting people. 

Buy it for your own entertainment for the holidays. Or buy it as a unique gift for friend. Purchase it HERE.