I ran across a lot of interesting people today in Fairlie-Poplar...

...including another street photographer in my territory - 

He was throwing me off at first.  Then I went over and talked to him.  We had a nice conversation about photography, art, and Atlanta.

I'm glad I got the photo of him smiling.  I often get that reaction after the initial shot but rarely capture it.  I need to practice shooting from the hip, because these next people smiled and waved at me after I brought my camera down and waved at them.

This was the most interesting person I met today - 

He looked perfect in front of the Flatiron Building with his black and white umbrella and suit.  We talked for a while about the skin cancer of various Presidents' relatives.  Toward the end of our conversation he told me he is running for Georgia State Senator...for the 5th time.  This is Kenneth Quarterman - a persistent man who carries around a lot of facts in his head.