Inspired by...

I was inspired by Basquiat to finish an art project I started in January.  I originally made this - 

It incorporates wallpaper samples and magazine photos of Solange Knowles and Melanie Laurent.   But it just looks like a mood board.  I felt it needed words.  I started playing around with "What is Beauty?"  I've been writing down questions and phrases for months.  Today, I was inspired by Basquiat to finish.

It says - 

What is beauty? Abstract aesthetic. Mathematical equation. Sensible image of the infinite. Is beauty real? Soak it in. Long exposure. Fragmented glimpse. Does beauty change? Depth of life. Interestingness. Cycle of growth, decay, death. The bloom of time. Can beauty be ugly? Distorted by need. Bored. Can ugly be beautiful? Undeclared. Aching poetry in patina. The profundity of the natural. What is the point of beauty? History deeper than our own. Resonating with the heart and hands of the maker. 

What do you think beauty is?