Dancing on Pointe


Another Creative Morning

This morning I attended Creative Mornings at Armour Yards.  Blake always starts it off with something fun.  Here's a clip from the trivia game - 

And then, we heard from journalist Celeste Headlee.  She gave us a reality check regarding communicating with other people - 

Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t.
— Bill Nye as quoted by Celeste Headlee

The style of the Creative Mornings never disappoints.  Maybe there's something here that will inspire you to have a more creative morning... at least in the way you dress -   


I'm feeling the need to focus my street photography into something.  And to foster more connections between the viewer and the subject.  And to help some people in the process.  

So, I'm kicking around the idea of a digital magazine...maybe one day in print.  A magazine with collaborations from other street photographers.  A magazine with style and art and stories from the streets.

A magazine that could foster connections between different worlds and offer different perspectives on the same issues.  

My husband thinks I'm absolutely insane.

And I respect his opinion.

But I'm still considering it...

What do you think?



Inspired by...

I was inspired by Basquiat to finish an art project I started in January.  I originally made this - 

It incorporates wallpaper samples and magazine photos of Solange Knowles and Melanie Laurent.   But it just looks like a mood board.  I felt it needed words.  I started playing around with "What is Beauty?"  I've been writing down questions and phrases for months.  Today, I was inspired by Basquiat to finish.

It says - 

What is beauty? Abstract aesthetic. Mathematical equation. Sensible image of the infinite. Is beauty real? Soak it in. Long exposure. Fragmented glimpse. Does beauty change? Depth of life. Interestingness. Cycle of growth, decay, death. The bloom of time. Can beauty be ugly? Distorted by need. Bored. Can ugly be beautiful? Undeclared. Aching poetry in patina. The profundity of the natural. What is the point of beauty? History deeper than our own. Resonating with the heart and hands of the maker. 

What do you think beauty is?

Art at the High

If you have ever had an inclination to visit the High Museum in Atlanta, you should do it now.  

Vic Muniz

The portrait above is made out of tiny toys.  Vic Muniz is so prolific at using so many different materials to create art - toys, marinara sauce, diamonds, sand, sugar, trash.  He is interested in the moment when everyday objects transform into something else as you step away from the art piece.   

Vic Muniz

Thousands of tiny photographs become...

Vic Muniz

...a birthday party.  He said that he has been accused of using "unconventional materials", but really he uses the most conventional materials available.  

But he does take the materials farther than anyone has previously imagined (except maybe every small child with a plate of spaghetti).  He hired a sky writer to draw "cartoon" clouds over city skylines and then photographed them - 

Vic Muniz

He hired a scientist to help him draw pictures with a laser onto a SINGLE grain of sand and then photographed the picture through a microscope.  You have to see it in person.

While Vic Muniz's art seems so planned, Jean-Michel Basquiat's art seems "train of thought".   

Jean-Michel Basquiat

There are notebooks filled with incomplete thoughts.  Ideas.  Words.  Phrases.  Even words that are incomplete.  It has inspired me to play more with words.  But out of all of it, I found this photograph of Basquiat by Warhol the most riveting -  

You will not be able to leave these exhibits without thoughts of what you can do...

More Chelsea Shag

Watch her awesome guitar solo - 

Style from the festival coming soon...


I spent the most beautiful day yesterday at the Rhythm and Brews festival in Sandy Springs.  And I discovered my new favorite musician - Atlanta artist Chelsea Shag.  Get a glimpse here - 

Her debut album comes out on April 29.  More of Chelsea Shag and other artists tomorrow (as well as Style from the festival)...