Dancing on Pointe



I grew up obsessed with magazines. I started out reading whatever my mom would buy - "Woman's Day", "Southern Living", "Better Homes and Gardens". Not really my cup of tea, but I took what I could get. In middle school, someone gave me a subscription to "Seventeen". I remember carrying the same magazine around and reading it over and over. I especially remember one December issue that seemed absolutely magical with all of the holiday party outfits. At some point, I graduated to "Harper's Bazaar". I bought one issue every so often and would spend hours every night trying to re-create the high fashion outfits that I saw contained in those pages.

I never thought about how these magazines were created. They were so far outside of my world that I had no knowledge of creative directors, photographers, or editors.

Well, now I know, because I just published my own magazine. "THE STREETS - 2016 Collection" is 196 pages of connections with people through photographs, interviews and stories. I wanted to make it something you will want to read over and over - just like I have always done with my favorite magazines. I wanted it to be something that shows you something new every time you open it. And I wanted it to be something that connects you to interesting people. 

Buy it for your own entertainment for the holidays. Or buy it as a unique gift for friend. Purchase it HERE.


This is my daughter Eva.  

Eva 45.jpg

We had been wanting to do a photo shoot on Krog and Wylie Street for a long time.  But then on the day of the shoot, she was not feeling well.  However, she has an internal joy that gives her energy, and it pulled her through for a while.  

She's dramatic, and like me, she gets obsessed over certain details.  She really liked this mailbox.  I really like the barbed wire, traffic light and mail truck in the background.

And like me, she enjoys rusty old buildings and graffiti - 

And then we were done.

But we had fun while it lasted...

Ryan Gravel and where we want to live

This morning, I attended Creative Mornings to hear Ryan Gravel talk about how a city's infrastructure affects the way we live.  His master's thesis was the idea paper behind Atlanta's Beltline, which now connects many diverse neighborhoods and communities. describes the project as "a sustainable redevelopment project that will provide a network of public parks, multi-use trails and transit along a historic 22-mile railroad corridor circling downtown and connecting many neighborhoods directly to each other."

Nothing affects THE STREETS more than the streets, so I was interested to hear Ryan talk about the evolution of his idea.  While he was studying architecture at Georgia Tech, he spent a year abroad in Paris.  He started noticing how the physical world in Paris was changing the way he lived.  He walked everywhere and bought fresh food.  He felt healthier.  Speaking of the streets in Paris, he said - 

These grand boulevards and streets aren’t just about moving people from point A to point B...They are the foundation for our economy. But more than that, they are the foundation for our social life and our culture.
— Ryan Gravel

When he came home and needed a project for his thesis, he focused on the idea of making Atlanta a place where he wanted to live.  People in Atlanta picked up on the idea - 

Did he succeed?  He tells a personal story here - 

Every city I go to has some project like the Beltline.
— Ryan Gravel

Ryan is working on a project with Atlanta Design Studio called Atlanta City Design to determine what we want to be when we grow up.  He will be there tomorrow (Saturday, June 25) - 

And now for some fun.  We started off the morning watching people crack eggs on their heads - 

Let's end on a stylish note - 

Are you on THE STREETS?

The first issue of THE STREETS is here!  I can't believe it went from idea to magazine in less than two months.  I am inspired by the photographers who contributed their work to the magazine.  I feel like I already see more in the world because of them.  You can look inside the magazine here - 

Another Creative Morning

This morning I attended Creative Mornings at Armour Yards.  Blake always starts it off with something fun.  Here's a clip from the trivia game - 

And then, we heard from journalist Celeste Headlee.  She gave us a reality check regarding communicating with other people - 

Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t.
— Bill Nye as quoted by Celeste Headlee

The style of the Creative Mornings never disappoints.  Maybe there's something here that will inspire you to have a more creative morning... at least in the way you dress -   

O Say Can You See?

I'm collecting contributions for the first issue of The Streets, and I'm already being influenced by the work of other photographers.  It's so interesting to see what other people SEE.  Today when I went downtown, I noticed buildings, signage and posters more often.  And I saw more layers to scenes.  I can't wait to show you The Streets and find out what it helps you to see.  (Coming June 15)