I normally do street photography with an 85mm lens.  It's great for portraits, and on a full frame camera it's pretty close to what your natural eye sees.  But I like to switch it up, so I borrowed a 24mm lens from a friend.  And WOW, this is a "get up close and personal" type of lens.  You have to be in someone's personal space to get a good picture.

At first, I was taking photos from a normal distance, but then subject looks so far away.  To give you perspective, this next guy was about 5 feet away from me, but he looks like he's way over there.

So, I started taking photos as I walked by people.  And I had to be right next to them to even make it look like this - 

I tried shooting from the hip as I crossed the street - 

Finally, I decided to stand right in front of them like I was taking a picture of a good friend.

I thought I would get a reaction out of this guy above, because I was really close to him as we crossed.  But he just kept a straight face and kept walking.

I don't know if you get better pictures, but you definitely get better reactions when you are this close.