Inman Park

Finding art and style around Atlanta

Leaving the suburbs behind, I took another tour of Atlanta.  I started in Poncey-Highland. 

And I found this guy - 

I love his outfit.  It is colorful and preppy, but he pulls it off in a cool way.  So cool that he fell asleep.

I wandered down the street and came across an old school laundromat.  The exterior of the facility is packed with graphic reflections in the windows, and the tree (with its full-street shadow) creates a generous frame.

I love finding people in their world - 

A little further down the street, I found some vibrant wall art in Inman Park - 

Painted by Tommy Taylor in conjunction with Whitespace Gallery

The office for  Mad Hat Creative .

The office for Mad Hat Creative.

And a rusted, elaborate iron gate in front of modern graffiti.

Inside Cobbler Union, I found art of different kind.  The space feels like a refined, masculine artist's loft and features their hand-crafted shoes in a casually sophisticated way.

This is my favorite (simple and sleek with a pop of color) - 

I had a lovely conversation with Daniel, the co-owner from Argentina, who said they want the store to present the highest quality of product without a pretentious attitude.  Men, if you want to step up your game, this is where you need to start.

Daniel Porcelli,  Cobbler Union

It's so fun to discover art around the city and to find people who are contributing to the increasingly stylish Atlanta culture.  I'll do more exploring of Atlanta tomorrow...