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Little Five Points is full of uniqueness.  Unique people, unique store fronts, unique wall art.  The people in this area of town are not afraid to make a little art with their everyday life.

I love this guy's look (the hair, headphones, glasses, gray jeans) with the motorcycle and wall advertisement to the right.  I really wanted to take his photograph with more of the wall art in the background, but he said "no".  I still like this one... and it captures his suspicious gaze.

I don't know why I am drawn to old broken things (as well as graffiti, rust, and charred bricks)...but I am.  Maybe it's the sense of history.  Maybe because it's a piece of art that has developed over time through the hands of many, many people. 

Caught in the moment of decision - 

This lady is displaying 50's style glamour hair and makeup - 

Usually people are friendly but this dude was not interested in talking - 

Much more friendly - 

I took this photo because of the ripped jeans -  

But then I looked down at her shoes.  I told her that I have been considering (for years) buying these Ash shoes but haven't been able to pull the trigger because of the price.  She said they are totally worth the price (but she bought them on sale at Nordstrom Rack).

I'm sure he would have stopped to talk, but he was on this super cool pink motorcycle - 

When I asked this guy if I could use his photo on my website, he said, "You can take my picture, but it might break your camera."  I told him that I already took the picture and the camera didn't break -

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Little Five Points

Little Five Points is always colorful and interesting.  This girl is so cute in her vintage dress, head scarf, and booties - 

And this girl matches the wall art with her cool red hair - 

She has a great back tattoo - 

I kind of have a thing for body art (on other people).  Speaking of tattoos - 



Ok, so everyone in Little Five Points has a tattoo.  But do they have hair like this - 

Vasu Dixit, Musician and Filmmaker from India

More on Little Five Points another time.  So much to see, so little time...