Creative Mornings

This morning, I attended Creative Mornings in Midtown.  The speaker was Stefan Kjartansson, who was born in Iceland and co-founded the Atlanta design firm Armchair.  

He teased us with a list of 30 design principles - 

And then, spoke about the first 7 - 

His whole presentation was well-designed and inspiring.  

I don't think any of the principles were brand new to me, but they were things that I often forget.  It was good to see them all together.   If I can get him to send me the whole list of 30, I will post them for you.  I like the first principle the best - "Think by Making".  The doing informs the thinking.  As an introvert, I can easily get stuck in my head (and my chair), so it's always good to be reminded to "DO".  

Here's a short video of Stefan discussing the design principle #4 "Learn then Unlearn".  I think it's interesting that he followed up a success with something he called "silly".  How do you top your last success?   

He used something beautiful to illustrate the principle #5 "There's beauty in the ugly".  So, I think what he really meant was - "Don't do something normal."  I can certainly find beauty in unusual art and design, but we see a lot of art and design that is weird just to be weird or ugly just to be shocking.  Do "weird" or "shocking" when it supports your message, but ugly for ugly sake is just...ugly.  As a good designer, he couldn't even do ugly.

After the talk, I took a few photos of the attendees -  

The guy in red said that he is "Santa".  

The event was worth the time.  And free!  See you there next month...