Inspired by...

I was inspired by Basquiat to finish an art project I started in January.  I originally made this - 

It incorporates wallpaper samples and magazine photos of Solange Knowles and Melanie Laurent.   But it just looks like a mood board.  I felt it needed words.  I started playing around with "What is Beauty?"  I've been writing down questions and phrases for months.  Today, I was inspired by Basquiat to finish.

It says - 

What is beauty? Abstract aesthetic. Mathematical equation. Sensible image of the infinite. Is beauty real? Soak it in. Long exposure. Fragmented glimpse. Does beauty change? Depth of life. Interestingness. Cycle of growth, decay, death. The bloom of time. Can beauty be ugly? Distorted by need. Bored. Can ugly be beautiful? Undeclared. Aching poetry in patina. The profundity of the natural. What is the point of beauty? History deeper than our own. Resonating with the heart and hands of the maker. 

What do you think beauty is?


What do you do with a pretty girl and splatter-painted wall?

You do a little painting...


Model: Carmen Van Amerigen

Location: City Antiques & Interiors   Roswell, GA

Atlanta at the High

I went to the High Museum today to see the Iris Van Herpen exhibit, but there were also a lot of interesting people and outfits.

The dressses by Iris Van Herpen are really more like sculptures than wearable fashion.  She says in the video that she is inspired by nature, but the materials tell her what to make.  She is attracted to materials that she doesn't know how to work with.  


The exhibit is well worth seeing.

In the rest of the museum, the contemporary art and photographs are my favorites - 

Painting by Gerhard Richter

Photograph by Sarah Hobbs

Beth Lilly's photograph is haunting, and I love how she hand writes descriptions of her scenes -

And as we were leaving, a girl walked right into my tree photograph.  Lovely.

Elevate Atlanta - Art in Atlanta

Veronica Kessenich, Director of Atlanta Contemporary, talks about what we want for art in Atlanta - 

Elevate Atlanta

Yesterday, I went on a tour with Elevate Atlanta, which is exhibiting large scale public artwork downtown with the theme "Forever I Love Atlanta."  My favorite exhibit is the one by Angela Johnson.  I met Angela last week while she was installing her exhibit.  Her art piece titled "Autumn.Love.Cycle." shows beauty as well as sensitivity and heart.  

She was inspired by the homeless people she has met downtown through an artistic church outreach - 

Here she talks about one lady that inspired this specific piece - 

We continued to tour the other installations around the area - 

Rachel Garceau explains how she created the porcelain umbrellas that hang in Woodruff Park - 

Elevate Atlanta is also sponsoring performance art and free panel discussions through Friday, October 23, 2015.  

Marietta Chalktoberfest

This past weekend, Chalktoberfest took over the Marietta Square.  I wish I had known about it beforehand (just like I wish I had heard of twenty one pilots before they came to town), but I stumbled upon it on Saturday.  There was a lot of chalk art - well as beer tasting - 

...and interesting style - 

"Lost in Time" jumpsuit from Free People

It was a fun event.  I'll be on the lookout for it next year.

A stroll down Edgewood Avenue