The sound of the skateboard

I can always hear him coming.  

And yesterday when I was taking his picture, I realized I've photographed him 4 different times.

April 18, 2016

March 31, 2016

January 28, 2016

September 3, 2015

Always listening to music.  Always on his skateboard.  It looks like he's growing out the blond, so one day he may be less recognizable.  I'll just listen for his sound.


I normally do street photography with an 85mm lens.  It's great for portraits, and on a full frame camera it's pretty close to what your natural eye sees.  But I like to switch it up, so I borrowed a 24mm lens from a friend.  And WOW, this is a "get up close and personal" type of lens.  You have to be in someone's personal space to get a good picture.

At first, I was taking photos from a normal distance, but then subject looks so far away.  To give you perspective, this next guy was about 5 feet away from me, but he looks like he's way over there.

So, I started taking photos as I walked by people.  And I had to be right next to them to even make it look like this - 

I tried shooting from the hip as I crossed the street - 

Finally, I decided to stand right in front of them like I was taking a picture of a good friend.

I thought I would get a reaction out of this guy above, because I was really close to him as we crossed.  But he just kept a straight face and kept walking.

I don't know if you get better pictures, but you definitely get better reactions when you are this close.


I ran across a lot of interesting people today in Fairlie-Poplar...

...including another street photographer in my territory - 

He was throwing me off at first.  Then I went over and talked to him.  We had a nice conversation about photography, art, and Atlanta.

I'm glad I got the photo of him smiling.  I often get that reaction after the initial shot but rarely capture it.  I need to practice shooting from the hip, because these next people smiled and waved at me after I brought my camera down and waved at them.

This was the most interesting person I met today - 

He looked perfect in front of the Flatiron Building with his black and white umbrella and suit.  We talked for a while about the skin cancer of various Presidents' relatives.  Toward the end of our conversation he told me he is running for Georgia State Senator...for the 5th time.  This is Kenneth Quarterman - a persistent man who carries around a lot of facts in his head.

Location Scouting

I am doing a little location scouting for my next photo shoot.  Yesterday, I investigated the parking garages in the Fairlie-Poplar district.  It was fun getting a different vantage point.

The first thing I noticed was all of the amazing textures on the ground.  The cracks in the asphalt along with the different shades of gray.  And then the orange and yellow "graffiti" contributed by some government worker.

This next one makes me think of a lightning bolt - 

I also enjoyed seeing my favorite buildings and structures with a different view - 

And I have to figure out something to do with this Exit - 

Maybe in black and white?  With someone walking up the stairs toward the door ?  I can see it now...

Now off to Paris on Ponce and the Krog Street tunnel...

Senior Portraits Downtown

On Saturday, I shot a couple of senior portraits.  And where do you think I took these two lovely seniors?  Downtown to the  Fairlie-Poplar district, of course.  I wanted to use the genre of street photography for for our photo shoot.  So, I set them up in areas where I would normally take candid pictures of strangers.  

It was a beautiful winter day of 70 degrees (that's why we live in Atlanta), so it was bright and sunny.  Bright sunshine creates great shadows, so we took advantage of the trees and shadows (above).  And we boldly shot into the sun -

We used my favorite wall as a backdrop - 

I like old rusty things and mysterious lighting, so we had to shoot a few photos inside a parking garage - 

We moved on to other streets in the area that feature some beautiful architecture - 

We ended our shoot at a Cafe Lucia.  I was going to treat these girls to a nice coffee, but the shop had just closed.  So, I decided we could use their mural of Bryant Park anyway - 

The owners saw us taking pictures and welcomed us inside.  We didn't get any coffee, but we got some lovely pictures -   

 I stood outside the window looking in.

It was fun to take these seniors to some of my favorite areas.  It created a very diverse shoot.  If you are craving a downtown vibe for your senior pictures, let me know.  I would love to explore more of downtown with you.


Today, I got out of my car downtown and heard voices behind me.  So, I turned around and took a picture.

And that started my day of candids.  I walked down to the Georgia State campus where classes were changing.  And I saw a few familiar faces.  The girl who carries a coffee and a cello - 


And Taylor, who always looks cute and unique - 

Then, there were some new, beautiful faces - 

Awesome hair.  I would love for her to model for me.  I can just picture it - 

And then some more candids as I walked along - 

This last one wasn't candid, but it is one of my favorites.  Visitors from Florida looking stylish in the city - 

More Fairlie-Poplar

Yesterday, in Fairlie-Poplar - 

This was taken right after the Georgia State music school was evacuated for what I guess what something like a bomb scare (but don't quote me on that).  This guy looks very calm...and bored...but cool.

Love the beautiful head scarf.

Love the beautiful head scarf.

She was hiding from me a little bit.  I can still see you.  And I really like your outfit.

I love the colors in the background of this photograph - how the yellow dumpster matches the yellow autumn leaves.

I love the colors in the background of this photograph - how the yellow dumpster matches the yellow autumn leaves.