My winter uniform consists of pairing everything with dark denim jeans.  So, I'm always thrown off when I have to start showing my legs.  (Well, I don't really have to, and I often revert to maxi dresses. But sometimes I'm doing something that requires shorts.)  So, if you want to make your "shorts outfit" look stylish, how do you do it?  I think it's all about - 

1) showing only the amount of skin that looks appropriate for you and for the situation 

2) balancing the top with what's on the bottom  

Here are some good examples - 

I haven't had many shorts for the past few years, because they are either way too short or way too long.  I am so excited that retailers are finally making different length shorts.  Old Navy has shorts with a 5" and 7" inseam.  I bought several last week.  They fit great.  They are on sale this weekend, so you could get them even cheaper than I did. 

Old Navy Twill Shorts (5")

Old Navy Twill Shorts (7")

(I bought them in black.)


These GAP tailored shorts are a dressier short and look really nice in black.  I didn't keep them, because think you need a little bit in the derrier to fill these out - 

GAP tailored shorts


J. Crew always has great t-shirts, which are on sale online this weekend as well.  If I didn't make my own t-shirts, this is what I would buy - 

J. Crew Metallic Linen Scoopneck

I hope this helps your summer style.  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!