senior portraits

Senior Portraits Downtown

On Saturday, I shot a couple of senior portraits.  And where do you think I took these two lovely seniors?  Downtown to the  Fairlie-Poplar district, of course.  I wanted to use the genre of street photography for for our photo shoot.  So, I set them up in areas where I would normally take candid pictures of strangers.  

It was a beautiful winter day of 70 degrees (that's why we live in Atlanta), so it was bright and sunny.  Bright sunshine creates great shadows, so we took advantage of the trees and shadows (above).  And we boldly shot into the sun -

We used my favorite wall as a backdrop - 

I like old rusty things and mysterious lighting, so we had to shoot a few photos inside a parking garage - 

We moved on to other streets in the area that feature some beautiful architecture - 

We ended our shoot at a Cafe Lucia.  I was going to treat these girls to a nice coffee, but the shop had just closed.  So, I decided we could use their mural of Bryant Park anyway - 

The owners saw us taking pictures and welcomed us inside.  We didn't get any coffee, but we got some lovely pictures -   

 I stood outside the window looking in.

It was fun to take these seniors to some of my favorite areas.  It created a very diverse shoot.  If you are craving a downtown vibe for your senior pictures, let me know.  I would love to explore more of downtown with you.