street style

Stylish Neutrals

Today, I met Elizabeth (left) and Scotty (right) on the bridge in Westside Provisions.  They looked lovely in their neutral toned outfits, so I asked them - 

What were you thinking when you got dressed this morning and why did you wear this outfit?  

They both laughed and Scotty said, "We were just talking about that.  Our office is freezing.  And I always want to make sure I'm wearing something we sell."  They both work at Ann Mashburn.  So to stay stylishly warm, Elizabeth is wearing an Ann Mashburn sweater, and Scotty is wearing an Isabel Marant jacket.


Today, I got out of my car downtown and heard voices behind me.  So, I turned around and took a picture.

And that started my day of candids.  I walked down to the Georgia State campus where classes were changing.  And I saw a few familiar faces.  The girl who carries a coffee and a cello - 


And Taylor, who always looks cute and unique - 

Then, there were some new, beautiful faces - 

Awesome hair.  I would love for her to model for me.  I can just picture it - 

And then some more candids as I walked along - 

This last one wasn't candid, but it is one of my favorites.  Visitors from Florida looking stylish in the city - 

A Quick Jaunt

I was craving some street photography today, so I swung by downtown for about 45 minutes.  First, I walked by Downtown Switchyards, which just opened.  It is a workspace for design and consumer focused companies.  I've been watching the renovations for a while, so it's nice to see it open and full of people.  There is a coffee shop on the front, but it's "members only".  So I took pictures through the window -  

Then, I walked over to Fairlie Street and saw this guy standing outside of Slice texting, smoking, and drinking a beer.  I thought he looked cool, so I took this picture.  Then, I thought he would look good in a close-up, so I walked up and asked him if I could take his picture.  He said, "No, I'd rather not."  "Why not?" I asked.  "I don't like how I look in pictures."  So, I moved on...but I'm showing you the one I already took...only because I think he looks good (the hat, the beard, the chain, the shoes).  Maybe he'll see this one day and like it.  

Then, I walked up and saw this guy -

I asked him what he was doing.  He said he was taking a selfie.  And it looked pretty good.  I offered to help him, but I couldn't figure out how to work his phone.  So, I just told him to let me take it with my camera.  

I think that's better than a selfie.

I turned to my right and saw a pretty girl eating pizza, so I took a shot through the window -

Moving on, I spotted a couple of interesting people on Broad Street - 

It was a fun little jaunt for today.

Can you get 5 "no's" in 1 day?

I was walking down one of my favorite streets and spotted a man smoking a pipe next to a tree in front of a historic building (which I wrote about last week).  It was a perfect picture.  I approached him with encouraging enthusiasm, but before I could even finish my sentence -  "No.  No,no,no."  

I understood, but it still knocked me a down a bit.  He didn't know how cool he could have looked in that photo.

"Maybe I'll just photograph architecture for a while," I thought.  So, I walked a few feet and noticed an old door on the historic building and took a couple of photos.

"You're not taking a picture of MY door, are you?"  I looked up and saw a security guard.  Now, I have to say that I have been taking pictures of this building for months and until today, the security guards assigned to this particular building have been very friendly.  "You can't take pictures of this building.  Not with all the bombs and stuff that have been going off recently."  


Then, I walked a little further and noticed the "Fairlie" part of the "Fairlie/Poplar" street sign was gone.

It seemed like everything in the Fairlie-Poplar district had changed over Thanksgiving break - the people, the buildings, the signs, the energy.  It seemed like everything and everyone was saying, "No." seems like ‘the reality’ that prevents innovation from happening is, in reality, not even real. They are false beliefs.
— Reframe: Shift the Way You Work, Innovate, and Think by Mona Patel

I realized that I was just going to have to push through this.  Borrowing an idea from Eric Kim, I asked myself - "Can I get 5 no's in 1 day?"  That immediately made me smile.  I set off to get more "no's".  

...and I got a "Yes".  

It was worth the wait.

Then, I snapped this candid - 

...and decided to ask.  And got another "Yes" - 

I'll take this one as a "Yes" as well - 

In fact, I didn't hear another "no" all day.  

We can’t always change the things that happen to us in life, but we can change the way we view them.
— "How Reframing Events Leads to Success" from


It was a good day

I came home from downtown today a little depressed.  I was frustrated with my constant mistakes in camera exposure.  It's hard to keep up when walking from bright sunlight to dark shadow back to bright sunlight.  I was kind of beating myself up about it when I realized that I had an awesome day.  I met so many great people and had so many great conversations.  I feel blessed that people are friendly and open and willing to talk. 

I met Margot who was on her way to try out for Hansel in the Hansel and Gretel opera - 

I met Hosna, who was born in Morocco and grew up here in Atlanta - 

I met Sean, who is a film and photography student but isn't sure school is his "thing"- 

I met Ariel E'lom who said his last name means "God loves me" - 

On top of meeting all of these interesting people (and more), can you spot what is strange in this picture - 

It's a New York City taxi in Atlanta.  They were filming a movie downtown.  

So, it was a good day.  And there's always tomorrow to get the camera settings right.

And the sun came out...

It has been raining here in Atlanta for weeks, so I was excited to go downtown today in the beautifully recovering weather.  I've been to the Fairlie-Poplar district enough times now that I'm starting to see a lot of the same people over and over (although none of those people appear in this post).  One previous subject waved when she saw me and said she had fun sharing her photo with her friends on Facebook.  That makes me happy.

People and scenes

I'm not trying to promote smoking, but it really does make a great photograph.

This scene reminds of me of "Alice in Wonderland".

Jameson W. Dunigan, Image Consultant

This street corner feels like a small town stuck inside a big city.