SCAD Style

I made a trip down to SCAD to find out about the style of these artistic students - 

This is Amrusha.  Her studded backpack is from Hong Kong and her shoes are from H&M.

This is Miracle.  I love that name.  Her flowy top is from a boutique in Suwanee.  I didn't even notice her sparkly leggings until now.  Very cool.

This is Henry.  His hat is Emporio Armani - a gift from his dad.  His sweater is from Zara.

The shoes are from J. Crew.  She was in such a hurry for class that I didn't get her name.

This is an awesome tunnel behind SCAD.

Style at Rhythm and Brews

Could we be having any better weather here in Atlanta?  This past Saturday, I found myself at the Rhythm and Brews festival in Sandy Springs.  It was a perfect day for awesome music.  And some stylish folks took the scene up a notch -  

Macey rocking her tribal print shirt and feather earrings.

Wrenn's shoes

Gitte, who was the most fashionable grandma at the festival, wearing her BCBG top.

Gitte's shoes 

Sam Burchfield on guitar

New Year - New Look

This is the best time of year to shop.  And it's the best time of year to put away all the distracting clothes in your closet and start off with a new look.  Watch my favorite blogger Garance Dore discuss French style with my favorite editor Emmanuelle Alt (notice her "unbrushed" hair, natural makeup, and dramatic coat) and discuss the styles shown at Paris Fashion Week.  This video was made a few years ago, but the clothes still look classically modern -     

Here is what I'm considering for a fresh look in 2016 - 

And since everything was gray and black, I had to throw in a little color - 

How are you going to look in the new year?

banana republic pants.gif


I live outside of my comfort zone.  People think I am an extrovert because I take pictures of strangers.  I'm not.  I'm driven by my love of that candid image.  In order to get it, I have to push through "uncomfortable".    

But there are varying levels of "uncomfortable".  Some photos are fairly easy to take.  People walking by.  People not noticing that I'm standing there with a camera.  

Then, some photos step up the "uncomfortable" level.  I'm close enough that they might notice me.  

And then there are the photos that are in the middle of "uncomfortable".   I am close enough and in front enough that there is no way they won't see me.  And I never know how they will respond.  


Then I hear - "Hey, did you just take a picture of me?"  And I don't know where this conversation is going...

But I'm trying to teach myself to stay beyond "uncomfortable".  Because beyond "uncomfortable" is where the photos get good.

When I get close enough to force an interaction, I have the best experiences.  People are flattered.  I learn a little about their life.  And to be honest, I have never had anyone get mad at me.  Ever.  They might ask me to stop (very rarely) or ask me to delete the photo (only once that I can remember), but they always say it nicely. So, why not stand in "uncomfortable"?  Because the odds are it will turn out better than I expect.

Atlanta Photography Group

Last night I attended the opening reception for the exhibition for which my photograph above was selected.  It was interesting to see the large variety of photographic styles.  The exhibit will be displayed until November 28.

And outside the gallery - 

Art and Style Downtown

The art piece above is by Angela Davis Johnson inspired by the homeless.  It is part of an installation for Elevate Atlanta, which is taking place downtown October 15 - 23, 2015.  I hope to be there to hear some of the speakers at Gallery 72 and to tour the other art pieces.  Come see what is going on downtown...

Marietta Chalktoberfest

This past weekend, Chalktoberfest took over the Marietta Square.  I wish I had known about it beforehand (just like I wish I had heard of twenty one pilots before they came to town), but I stumbled upon it on Saturday.  There was a lot of chalk art - well as beer tasting - 

...and interesting style - 

"Lost in Time" jumpsuit from Free People

It was a fun event.  I'll be on the lookout for it next year.