Another Creative Morning

This morning I attended Creative Mornings at Armour Yards.  Blake always starts it off with something fun.  Here's a clip from the trivia game - 

And then, we heard from journalist Celeste Headlee.  She gave us a reality check regarding communicating with other people - 

Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t.
— Bill Nye as quoted by Celeste Headlee

The style of the Creative Mornings never disappoints.  Maybe there's something here that will inspire you to have a more creative morning... at least in the way you dress -   


I'm feeling the need to focus my street photography into something.  And to foster more connections between the viewer and the subject.  And to help some people in the process.  

So, I'm kicking around the idea of a digital magazine...maybe one day in print.  A magazine with collaborations from other street photographers.  A magazine with style and art and stories from the streets.

A magazine that could foster connections between different worlds and offer different perspectives on the same issues.  

My husband thinks I'm absolutely insane.

And I respect his opinion.

But I'm still considering it...

What do you think?



The sound of the skateboard

I can always hear him coming.  

And yesterday when I was taking his picture, I realized I've photographed him 4 different times.

April 18, 2016

March 31, 2016

January 28, 2016

September 3, 2015

Always listening to music.  Always on his skateboard.  It looks like he's growing out the blond, so one day he may be less recognizable.  I'll just listen for his sound.

Stylish Neutrals

Today, I met Elizabeth (left) and Scotty (right) on the bridge in Westside Provisions.  They looked lovely in their neutral toned outfits, so I asked them - 

What were you thinking when you got dressed this morning and why did you wear this outfit?  

They both laughed and Scotty said, "We were just talking about that.  Our office is freezing.  And I always want to make sure I'm wearing something we sell."  They both work at Ann Mashburn.  So to stay stylishly warm, Elizabeth is wearing an Ann Mashburn sweater, and Scotty is wearing an Isabel Marant jacket.

SCAD Style

I made a trip down to SCAD to find out about the style of these artistic students - 

This is Amrusha.  Her studded backpack is from Hong Kong and her shoes are from H&M.

This is Miracle.  I love that name.  Her flowy top is from a boutique in Suwanee.  I didn't even notice her sparkly leggings until now.  Very cool.

This is Henry.  His hat is Emporio Armani - a gift from his dad.  His sweater is from Zara.

The shoes are from J. Crew.  She was in such a hurry for class that I didn't get her name.

This is an awesome tunnel behind SCAD.

Style at Rhythm and Brews

Could we be having any better weather here in Atlanta?  This past Saturday, I found myself at the Rhythm and Brews festival in Sandy Springs.  It was a perfect day for awesome music.  And some stylish folks took the scene up a notch -  

Macey rocking her tribal print shirt and feather earrings.

Wrenn's shoes

Gitte, who was the most fashionable grandma at the festival, wearing her BCBG top.

Gitte's shoes 

Sam Burchfield on guitar

More Chelsea Shag

Watch her awesome guitar solo - 

Style from the festival coming soon...